Thinking about a Tattoo?

Thinking about getting a new tattoo?
This provides simple,
but fundamental information that
you will need to provide to an Artist.
Try to bring at least 50%
of a finished idea to an Artist,
remember they’re not mind readers
nor magicians.
1st - SIZE
How big do you want the tattoo?
Remember, bigger the better.
It’s very difficult or even impossible for
an Artist to pack in artwork
and detail onto a small area.
Do you want traditional, realism,
black and grey, watercolor, portrait,
new school, tribal, mandala, script?
By using these key words on
the internet and social media,
you will find a style and design that'll give you
a basic idea of the kind of artwork you are looking for.
Now placement is extremely
important and thoughtful.
There’re certain things you need consider when placing a tattoo.
Such as who’s going to see it?
Will clothes cover it?
Do you want to be able to see it?
Our recommendation is to think aesthetically,
which means how it will produce the most
pleasure for you while still living in reality.
If you really take your time to research your thoughts, inspirations
and reasons why you want a tattoo,
you’ll be able to present these ideas to the artist more efficiently.
Following these simple instructions,
you will allow the Artist to execute your artwork affectively,
while providing an experience that is so unique and cool.