Post Tattoo Care / Basic Tattoo Knowledge

Post Tattoo Appointment:

1. Always make sure hands are clean before cleaning your tattoo, once home, remove bandage.
Never reuse the same bandage.

2. Wash the plasma off the tattoo with lukewarm water
along with antibacterial-antimicrobial soap with only hands.

3. Once tattoo is cleaned, allow it to dry for approximately
10-15 minutes before applying the ORIGINAL BALM.
Pat dry tattoo with soft towel or air dry.

4. Massage a very thin and even layer on to the tattoo with complete coverage.

5. Do not cover the tattoo with another bandage
unless it is absolutely necessary to keep it safe and clean.

Basic Tattoo Care:

1. Wash fresh tattoo twice per day approximately 8-10 hours apart.

2. Apply the ORIGINAL BALM 4-5 times per day
or as needed approximately 2 hours apart.

3. As tattoo is healing, the skin will start to peel and may itch.
Do not peel, pick or scratch the dead skin off the tattoo.
Doing so can cause the tattoo to heal improperly.
Let skin naturally peel.

4. No pools, hot tubs, baths, salt water or
fresh water swimming until tattoo is fully healed,
which can take at least 2 weeks.

5. Do not submerge tattoo in water for a long period
of time until tattoo is fully healed.

6.  Greatly minimize sun exposure until tattoo is fully healed.

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