About Us

We started this Tattoo Aftercare company from a few inspired ideas, things and people.  First, personally for me, I wanted to create a platform for allowing creative tattoo ideas to materialize.  Our objective is to be methodical about this life long commitment, to really think about your artwork and expressing it through the Tattoo medium.  Also, I really enjoy getting tattooed (so there’s no confusion - I’m an enthusiast, not an Artist).  I really like the social aspect of it; hanging out, talking, collaborating themes, ideas... It’s an activity I really look forward to.

Secondly would be my great friend and business partner, Roland Szegi aka Roly.  Beginning our relationship in 2014, he was the catalyst that jumpstarted OG Tattoo Remedies. Roly has a vaporizing company that I’m a part of - AirVape and we started both ventures around the same time in 2015.  With his big ideas and considerable smarts, he has helped shape thoughts relating to the Tattoo industry and Body Art.  The other two are the movie Fight Club and the American singer/Winemaker Maynard James Keenan, with their inspiring anecdotes and vivid metaphors.

As a Tattoo Aftercare company, we’re pretty much dealing with open wounds that need to “scar” perfectly: Tattoo skincare.  We’re always evolving as a company, so please check our ingredients to make sure your skin chemistry is compatible with our products.  Keep in mind that we are an all natural skincare line, which means we’re petroleum free, synthetic free, and preservative free (paraben free).  We work very closely with our production, Soaptopia.  OG Tattoo Remedies has been working with them since the very beginning.

Our goal and objective as a company is to provide great skincare products for piercings and tattoos, to create productive content which allows clients and Artists to communicate efficiently, and to foster an experience that is so much fun and original.

Chad Lovato