What is the difference?

December 18, 2018

What's the difference between the OG PRO and OG BALM?

Which OG product will provide a better fit for your needs?

What separates OG Tattoo Remedies from other products?

As you may know, the OG BALM is the first Original product and what this brand became most known for because of their 100% ALL NATURAL ingredients.

OG Tattoo Remedies is in demand for both, clients and Tattoo Artists!

Why is the OG PRO loved by Tattoo Artists as well?

If you've ever been tattooed or witnessed someone else getting tattooed before, you may notice that while the Artist is tattooing, they often use Vaseline (petroleum jelly) or something similar.  The issue with petroleum based products combined with fresh tattoos is that it could potentially not allow the area to "breathe" and suffocate it from oxygen.  Petroleum based products could possibly draw ink out of the tattoo and could even cause infections by trapping dirt and germs.  Artists have also expressed that petroleum based products can clog their tattoo machine.

Many Artists referred to Vaseline while tattooing and have advised their clients to use products known as A&D ointment and/or Aquaphor for their tattoo healing process, but these are all petroleum based products!  Yikes.  While they may work great for cuts, these products aren't the optimal choice to use on fresh, new tattoos.

But, don't you fret!  The OG Balm and OG PRO are VEGETABLE Based - 100% ALL NATURAL - Completely breathable, enriched with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory ingredients and skin protecting properties.  Products provided by OG Tattoo Remedies is also recommended for all skin types.  Feel free to read more about the 100% all natural ingredients - here!

Which OG product is right for you?

OG PRO is short for PROFESSIONAL - it has been tested and approved by some of the most respected, knowledgable Tattoo Artists in the industry.  We recommend on their behalf as well, to use our all natural OG PRO while tattooing clients instead of petroleum based products.

While the ingredients between the OG PRO and OG BALM are nearly similar, the difference is that the OG PRO is enriched with 2 more all natural ingredients: Coconut Oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil.  The OG PRO is whipped for Tattoo Artist's Satisfaction and sold in a larger quantity of 8 ounces per container since they would be using this all natural balm so often.

A little bit of BALM goes such a long way, so OG Tattoo Remedies continues to offer the OG BALM | 2 oz. and the OG BALM | Quarter oz. to fit client needs depending on the size of their new tattoo.

If you are getting a very small tattoo, OG Tattoo Remedies recommends the OG BALM | Quarter oz.  Or if you're interested in getting a palm sized tattoo, the OG BALM | 2 oz.

If you are a client who either has many tattoos, no tattoos or going to be getting a large piece, OG Tattoo Remedies recommends the OG PRO because it's great for both Artists AND Clients too!

Anyone can use the OG PRO, even if you don't have any tattoos at all and just desire an all natural moisturizer.  Clients have shared with us that they use OG Tattoo Remedies on their lips, knees and elbows during the long, dry winters.

Also, all OG BALM products can be used on any existing tattoo to give it that nice bright complexion while keeping your skin looking vibrant and healthy!

*OG TIP : Begin to use the OG BALM or OG PRO at least 2 weeks prior to your tattoo appointment.  Apply the all natural BALM to the desired tattoo location because healthy skin provides the BEST canvas for the Tattoo Artist!

For further questions or inquiries, feel free to reach us at OGTATTOOREMEDIES@gmail.com